Secure and Controlled BYOD - Mobile Device Security for Tablets and Smartphones

Bring your own device. Consumerization of IT. Mobile workforce. No matter what it is called, it translates to more data security risks and headaches. A successful corporate BYOD strategy requires more than a computer and device use policy that addresses smartphones and tablets in the workplace. It requires a way to audit employee's devices, ensure security is in place, and prevent external factors from breaching your corporate data.

Modern mobile devices come with powerful security features, be they smart phones or tablets, iOS or Android, employee-owned or company-issued. But, over half of owners fail to turn it on or use it correctly.

Basic Mobile Security

  • Remotely wipe smartphone and tablet data.
  • Selective wipe of sensitive corporate data on smartphones and tablets.
  • Remotely lock smartphone and tablet data.
  • Manage smartphone and tablet password policies.
  • Wi-Fi provisioning.
  • VPN provisioning.

Manage Device Features

  • Disable the camera.
  • On iOS: control screen capture, app installation, voice dialing, multiplayer games, explicit music and podcasts.
  • On Android: control infrared, USB storage, Wi-Fi, Microsoft ActiveSync.
More Mobile Security

AlertBoot Mobile Security offers management and control of further advanced settings in addition to the above that leverages the in-built specifications of each smartdevice's computing environment.

  • Control apps like YouTube, iTunes, and Safari (Apple iOS).
  • Push Microsoft Exchange and VPN server information to devices (Apple iOS).
  • Filter calls using block lists and approved outgoing calls (Android).

Security Update

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