Advanced Encryption for SD Cards and USB Keys

The AlertBoot core package alone is more than enough to secure an organization, help reach regulatory compliance, and easily audit the data and encrypted inventory. However, for organizations who want even more, AlertBoot offers extra add-on features to the existing AlertBoot security software platform.

Encrypt SD Cards and USB keys

Encryption is one of the pillars on which data security is founded. Mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, come with full disk encryption already built-in. Most computer hard drives require a separate installation to achieve data security.

Transparent device encryption provides strong data security. However, the protection is confined to the devices themselves. If data is copied to an external storage device, like a USB key or a smartphone's external micro SD card, the data is stripped from its protection.

AlertBoot gives users the ability to automatically encrypt mobile USB keys and SD cards ensuring that data is completely secure and encrypted no matter where they are saved — even if removed from an encrypted device.

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