Advanced Microsoft BitLocker Drive Encryption Management

AlertBoot's cloud-based installation and management of Microsoft BitLocker is quick to set up and adds key escrow, remote data deletion, and audit reports for proving compliance, without the need for TPM chips.

Manage BitLocker & Mac Encryption From One Web-based Console

Many organizations are looking to use BitLocker from Microsoft as their primary disk encryption solution. Although it has secured NIST certification – and is native to the Windows environment, ensuring interoperability with the latest generation of Windows operating systems – BitLocker requires extra features to boost its utility in the workspace.

AlertBoot elevates Microsoft's solution by simplifying and enhancing how organizations use and manage BitLocker on endpoint devices – the same way AlertBoot has done it for Mac OS FileVault 2, Microsoft Windows 7 and older, Apple iPads and iPhones, and Android OS smartphones and tablets.

  • Key escrow and recovery: Backup of encryption keys to the AlertBoot cloud prevents the loss of data and other contingencies where access to the encryption key is paramount.
  • Choice of TPM chip or USB token: While almost all laptops come with a TPM chip, most people do not have it turned on by default, necessitating a re-installation of the OS (with TPM turned on) in order to use BitLocker. If this is not a practical way of doing things, a small flashdrive can be used as a USB token to unlock the computer during start up. The key is backed up to our cloud for any emergencies.
  • Centrally managed remote deployment and installation: AlertBoot's globally redundant cloud allows the installation and management of BitLocker from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Remote data wipe: If the laptop goes missing and connects to the internet afterwards, a kill command can be triggered to remotely erase the data.
  • Powerful reporting: AlertBoot's reporting engine has already proven effective when clients need to present documented evidence of encryption, a common requirement under data security laws and regulations.
  • Future-proof technology: AlertBoot's BitLocker Management Client is installed on several thousand Windows 8 machines worldwide, and since it uses new Microsoft API's, the management client works on Windows 10 machines.

BitLocker management, integrated with the AlertBoot cloud platform, helps organizations secure data and achieve compliance while keeping unnecessary complexities out of the mix.

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