Simplify your security with centralized management

AlertBoot Central is your central hub of operations in the cloud for securing, managing, and encrypting all of your smart devices and computers. It offers convenient and secure access for you to create security policies, wipe data remotely, manage users, and deploy data encryption packages.

Easy-to-use, cloud-based console tools

AlertBoot Central enables web-based management of all AlertBoot client applications over the Internet. All users, machines, smart devices, files, recovery keys, and other functions can be administered remotely and transparently.

Remote installation and deployment

For mobile devices, iOS configuration profiles can be securely pushed by AlertBoot to employee-owned devices using the Apple Push Network, which does not require apps or any installation. Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian platforms can be secured by managed app installations.

One small file installs AlertBoot full disk encryption on the latest Windows® laptops and desktops. A deployment of over 1,000 users can be completed in as little as one day, and the number of users that you can manage from AlertBoot Central is virtually unlimited.

Complete logs and reporting for compliance

AlertBoot Central comes complete with a fully-integrated Custom Reporting Engine to assist organizations in regulatory or auditing compliance. This reporting engine uses the logs and data collected by AlertBoot to make compliance reporting as painless as possible.

An added layer of authorization

Considering the power of AlertBoot Central, it's critical that anyone logging into the console is authorized. That's why we provide an extra layer of security using SecureAuth from MultiFactor Corp. SecureAuth relies on encrypted X509 Client certs to prevent phishing, DNS, and man-in-the-middle attacks, without the IT headaches that come with other certificate-based solutions.

Security Update

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