Mobile device management and Disk encryption via the cloud: information you can use

Whether you’re seriously considering a mobile security solution or simply curious about the thinking and technology behind AlertBoot Managed Security Services, you’ll find in-depth information, analysis, and more in our growing library of resources.

Preventing Online Identity Theft Using Advanced Mobile Device Management and Encryption: Redefining Identity Theft Protection

Whether an organization or an individual, identity theft spells a long, expensive, and complex recovery process. The increasing prevalence of smartphones and tablets and other ultra-mobile computing devices means even more problems in the future. However, online identity theft can be prevented with encryption software and advanced password protection.
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Advanced Mobile Device Management and Full Disk Encryption: A Necessity for Financial Services Business of Any Size

BYOD initiatives deliver around-the-clock productivity and better work satisfaction to those working in the busy financial services sector -- from the solo accounting professional to the midsize accounting firm to world’s largest corporation, from CPAs to CFPs to credit counselors. However, mobile computing also brings with it data security challenges that can quickly spiral out of control. And although the large data breaches at the most recognizable companies receive the most publicity, small companies and solo offices, which are even more vulnerable because they don't have dedicated IT specialists, are increasingly victims.
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Advanced Mobile Device Management and Full Disk Encryption: A Necessity for Financial Services Enterprises

Portable computing has always invited data security challenges to financial enterprises. The increasingly popular BYOD trend, however, makes it even more challenging to comply with regulations such as SOX, GBLA and PCI, as well as a multitude of state laws that increasingly focus on customer privacy and electronic data security. These also increasingly include financial penalties which can incur significant costs. However, the intangible costs associated with a data breach can be even more expensive.
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The Need for Advanced Mobile Device Management and Full Disk Encryption in Healthcare

Mobile computing shows most promise in the healthcare sector. However, BYOD is adding an extra layer of challenges to an already complex data security environment. Protecting sensitive data in the healthcare industry has never been as challenging as it is today.

Not only must healthcare providers comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations concerning patient privacy and electronic data security, they must also guard against identity theft as well more complex scenarios of insurance data theft, medical identity theft and the adulteration of health records.
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